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Professional Window Cleaning Services for Homeowners Near Fort Myers, FL

The more active your household or business is, the faster streaks and spots tend to show up on the window panes! Meanwhile, you have less free time to clean every single window on your property over and over again. That’s where Roof Shark and Exterior Cleaning can lend a hand throughout Fort Myers and the surrounding communities.

Professional window cleaning

Detailed Window Cleaning Services

When you request window cleaning from Roof Shark and Exterior Cleaning, you’ll receive:

  • Clean window sills and screens
  • Removal of haze, mineral, dust, and dirt buildup
  • Clean window panes – inside and out!

To schedule our window cleaning service and get your free estimate, contact our team today. We’re experienced, licensed, and insured cleaning professionals who are ready to help you address your cleaning needs today!

When to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

There are two main factors to determine when you need to call in a cleaning team versus when it’s fine to take care of window cleaning alone. The first, of course, is safety. Anytime reaching, lifting, or climbing ladders is involved around the house, it’s safer to call professionals. If your home or office is more than one story high, the safety risk is just too great to you, family members, or employees who aren’t trained and insured for window cleaning like the team at Roof Shark and Exterior Cleaning. Our cleaners bring professional equipment to every project, including a water-fed cleaning pole that can reach several stories high without missing a spot.

The second thing to consider when hiring a professional versus doing it yourself is time. Is it convenient to spend a day cleaning each pane of glass twice, once inside and once outside? Do you want to spend your free weekend in the Florida heat cleaning windows instead of relaxing by the pool? Not only does our team have the right tools and know-how but we can also complete the task in less time overall, so you can enjoy minimal disruption and zero effort on your part. When our team has finished the job, you’ll have crystal-clear views from streak- and spot-free windows on every floor.

No Job Is Too Big or Too Small for the Roof Shark Exterior Cleaning Experts