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Solar Panel Cleaning for Residents in Fort Myers, FL

If you installed solar panels on your home’s roof, you’re making an investment in clean, renewable, and cheaper energy! In sunny Florida, solar panels are a popular and smart way to save on your monthly utility bills. However, to keep them functioning at full capacity, solar panels require a bit of regular maintenance. When you schedule a roof or exterior cleaning with Roof Shark and Exterior Cleaning, it’s the perfect moment to also consider asking us to clean the solar panels on your property. We offer free estimates, and a little maintenance goes a long way toward energy efficiency!

Solar panel cleaning

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

Whether it’s salt buildup near seawater or road dust from a neighboring highway, solar panels accumulate dirt and grime quickly. However, to absorb and transform as much light as possible into electricity, the photovoltaic (PV) system that makes a solar panel work needs completely clear and constant exposure to the sun.

Even tiny, translucent water spots that don’t fully cover any part of the panel will have a disproportionately large impact on the panel’s ability to generate electricity and save you money. If you notice over time that your energy bills aren’t dropping (or they’re even creeping back up), a dirty panel is the first cause to blame.

How Often You Should Ask Us to Clean Your Solar Panels

Broadly speaking, we recommend cleaning solar panels at least twice per year, about every six months. Even if your solar panels are placed far from trees or nearby hazards, every panel inevitably collects dust, water spots, streaks, and even bird droppings that obstruct the sun’s full rays. Depending on the location of your home or business relative to local pollutants and debris, you may need to schedule more frequent cleanings in between regular roof maintenance.

Safe Solar Panel Cleaning Techniques

Our team will never use a pressure washer to blast at the delicate technology inside a solar panel. If any cleaning company you call wants to use pressure washing on the panel or even just nearby to clean the roof, say no! You’re taking a huge risk of damaging those expensive panels in a matter of seconds. Instead, our team will use soft cloths and squeegees to tackle each panel separately with water and a mild cleaner. It’s a simple process, but one best left to professionals who can safely navigate the roof and accurately wipe away water and soap residue.

Contact the Experts at Roof Shark and Exterior Cleaning for Solar Panel Cleaning Today

Call Roof Shark and Exterior Cleaning for regular cleaning services, and we’ll help you protect your investment in an affordable, renewable energy future. You can schedule a cleaning for the solar panels alone or package our services to include a whole-roof cleaning, exterior pressure washing, and more.

No Job Is Too Big or Too Small for the Roof Shark Exterior Cleaning Experts