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Exterior Cleaning for Your Home or Business in Fort Myers, FL

From your home’s deck to the roof, Roof Shark and Exterior Cleaning provides free estimates and safe cleaning services to keep your property looking great and staying safe.

Maintenance Is Key

When it comes to exterior cleaning, regular care is just as important to keeping your home or business in good condition as scrubbing the kitchen or mopping the floors inside. While exterior cleaning is usually required less often than basic indoor chores, when it does happen, it can be time-consuming and dangerous for property owners to do by themselves. That’s why Fort Myers residents call Roof Shark and Exterior Cleaning for semi-annual service visits.

A “Home Sweet Home” Welcome

Congratulations to brand-new homeowners just moving in! We’d love to help make the new house feel like home with a good exterior scrub so it’s ready for all your personal belongings and housewarming parties. From dust and debris gathered on the walls and roof while empty to dirty driveways post-moving vans, we’ll help you get the place ready for years of enjoyment.

Clean, ideal home exterior

A Small Investment for Sellers

One situation we witness time and time again happens when a home or business owner wants to sell their property for the best possible price. No matter what the fair market rate is for a great piece of property, a dingy, unkempt, or dirty exterior will make buyers uneasy.

It’s not a great first impression to walk up to a potential future home (with a 30-year mortgage, no less) and trip over debris in the sidewalk, duck beneath cobwebs in the eaves, or wonder if the walls will need to be completely repainted because they’re so dirty. Even if a buyer is still interested, he or she certainly won’t want to pay top dollar for a property that doesn’t inspire excitement.

Even more important, dirt, debris, and a general look of poor maintenance is a big red flag that the home or business may have more serious structural damage lurking beneath the surface. As the property owner and seller, you know your investment is in good condition, but if a potential buyer can’t see the roof completely or is worried that a dirty exterior signals further damage, the sale will fall through or fall below market value.

Although it’s not pleasant to think about an important sale falling through, a little lack of curb appeal is completely preventable. The simple answer is to call in Roof Shark and Exterior Cleaning for a full exterior cleaning service so that the outside of the home or business matches the true quality and value of the property. One scheduled cleaning service is a small investment if it means finding the right buyer for your property, so give us a call if you’re planning to sell!

No Job Is Too Big or Too Small for the Roof Shark Exterior Cleaning Experts