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Protect Your Yard with Deck Cleaning in Fort Myers, FL

Keeping your front or backyard neat and tidy involves taking care of the “hardscaping,” or non-plant elements in the yard, too! You’ll preserve the value of your home and protect the long life of your deck with regular cleanings. Our team will make sure to remove slip or trip hazards, but we’ll also get into the smaller details by killing off mold and other tiny threats that can take over your deck if ignored for too long. Contact Roof Shark and Exterior Cleaning for a free estimate on any of our detail-oriented cleaning services!

Before and after deck cleaning by Roof Shark and Exterior Cleaning

Pressure Washing Your Deck for a Deeper Clean

To clean a deck or patio, this is one time that a good pressure wash can be helpful instead of harmful. Unlike a roof with breakable tiles and shingles, decks using wood, stone, brick, or concrete are eligible for a high-power clean. You’ll be amazed at the color change before we begin work compared to after we’ve sprayed away all the dirt and grime packed into the surface.

Depending on the material of your deck, our team will choose the appropriate amount of water pressure by adjusting our equipment to ensure a deep clean that doesn’t harm or strip the material down. Stone can take a high amount of pressure, but using the same level of pressure (or psi) on wood can leave permanent marks in the grain.

Soft Washing Decks and Patios

In some cases, a soft approach is better. When we “soft clean” your deck, we use a special attachment on the pressure washing hose that reduces the pressure to a gentle spray and mix a natural, biodegradable chemical cleaner into the washing fluid. This chemical effectively eliminates organic substances by killing mold, mildew, algae, and more—just like a weed killer on your lawn. When pressure washing doesn’t remove these tiny particles that will just grow right back overnight, a soft clean is a different technique to get a long-lasting clean.

Quality Care and Service

Roof Shark and Exterior Cleaning relies on your satisfaction and recommendations to stay in business. That’s why our attention to detail in the work we do is matched only by our professional, courteous service. We understand your house is your home, so we’ll treat it with the respect you would use to keep it in tip-top shape.

No Job Is Too Big or Too Small for the Roof Shark Exterior Cleaning Experts